Livengood Recognized

Outgoing Union Mayor Mike Livengood, right, was recognized for his service to the city at the board of aldermen meeting Monday, April 15. Livengood served nine years on the board and spent 12 years as the mayor of the city. The plaque was presented by new Mayor Rod Tappe, left.  Missourian Photo/Joe Barker.

For the past 21 years Mike Livengood has been busy most Monday nights.

Livengood served for nine years as a member of the Union Board of Aldermen and spent the last 12 years as mayor of the city. His tenure ended Monday night as newly elected Rod Tappe took over.

As an aldermen and mayor, Livengood estimated he spent more than 200 Monday nights of his life at city hall — and that covers just the regular board meetings. Factor in committees and planning and zoning commission meetings and Livengood spent a lot of time at city hall.

“There’s been times, over the years, where I’ve attended 100 meetings a year at least,” he said.

Now that his time as an elected official is up, Livengood joked people likely won’t be seeing him around city hall anymore.

“I know I’m not going to come down here and sit in the audience,” he said with a laugh.

Livengood said he was disappointed to lose the election, but proud of his tenure at the helm of the city.

“The growth the community has made, the controlled growth, I’m proud of that,” he said. “I wish I could take the credit for it, but it was city staff, the city administrator. It takes the employees — you know you just can’t say enough about all of them.”

One of the things he is most proud of is having a hand in the construction of the new Veterans Memorial Park. Livengood said he was involved with the project from the very start.

“It took us forever, but we got it done,” he said. “I’m very proud of that park.”

Livengood said he enjoyed his time as mayor. The biggest reason was the people he got the chance to work with.

“I’m going to miss the staff,” he said. “I’ll see all the people out in the street and things like that, but I’ll miss working with the staff.”

Livengood said he’ll cherish his connection to the city.

“There’s been ups and there’s been downs,” he said. “There were times when I had issues and the city stood behind me. I’ll never forget that.”

After retiring from his job last year, Livengood now has a lot more free time. He said he already has some ideas on how to pass the time.

“I’m going to try and pick up some more hobbies at the house,” he said. “I enjoy old American Flyer trains and I’d like to start getting back into them, you know, refurbishing them. I also have a lot of yard work I have to catch up on.”

After Tappe was sworn in as mayor, he presented Livengood with a plaque thanking him for his years of service to the city. Livengood offered some advice for Tappe as he starts his new job. 

“Listen to the people,” he said. “It’s not your agenda, it’s the people’s agenda you have to worry about. I’m sure he’ll realize that and I’m sure he’ll do a nice job.”

Livengood said it was an honor to serve for 21 years. 

“I want to thank the public for letting me serve all these years,” he said.