It looks like I can add “car being stolen” to the list of things I have slept through.

Now, it wasn’t my car and I wasn’t in it or anything, but I was sound asleep while a car was being stolen last week just feet from my bedroom.

On Wednesday morning my neighbor’s car was stolen from his driveway. His driveway is across the street from mine.

It apparently happened early in the morning, around 4:45 a.m. Some ne’er-do-well, or maybe a couple, who knows, drove into my neighborhood, stopped on my street and stole a car.

The whole thing was apparently over quickly and I had no idea. I slept through the entire thing.

I have a history of being a sound sleeper. Growing up my family used to make fun of me for the various incidents where everyone was startled awake while I stayed in bed.

There was the time the oscillating fan fell off the kitchen counter. Or the time the dog got sick. Or the other time the dog got sick.

Without fail, I’d still be sleeping, likely snoring. I always assumed if something actually important happened, I’d wake up.

Wednesday morning, there was a commotion. Dogs barked, a car peeled out and I didn’t move.

When I did wake up Wednesday, I had no idea. I got ready and left for work totally oblivious. It wasn’t until I got to work and got on Facebook when I realized what had happened.

Because it’s 2019, I didn’t find out from actually talking to anyone, but on social media. Like many subdivisions, my neighborhood has a Facebook group.

It’s not a very active group, but it’s a place to go to ask why the trash wasn’t picked up and share other information. I saw Wednesday morning my neighbor post that a car had been stolen from her driveway.

I was shocked. My neighborhood is quiet. It’s off the beaten path and my house in particular is hidden. I never thought it was 1950s Mayberry, but it also seemed like a place where if you forgot to lock your doors, nothing would happen.

Unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Being a reporter, I’m well aware of the trends in the area. Car thefts are up. Thefts from cars happen regularly.

Working in both Washington and Union, I’ve heard the same exasperation from police. The stealing just keep happening.

It’s a sad reality and I feel awful for my neighbor. I can’t imagine the odds of the car returning are high. Losing a car, even from something like maintenance, is a hardship. I just can’t fathom having to deal with a stolen car.

Even if you do get it back, it has to be super weird. I don’t really let anyone else drive my car and I’m a neat freak. I would not like some stranger driving it like a moron and dirtying the whole thing up.

The whole thing just stinks.

I don’t know the whole circumstances behind the theft — my neighbor has a lot more on his plate than updating the subdivision on Facebook. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing this happen.

I’m tired of reading the police reports about stolen cars. I’m tired of writing about how cars are stolen. It just needs to stop.

Since it’s not that simple, I’m going to be following the advice I’ve gotten countless times. All last week I was double, and even triple checking locking my doors.

Every night when I came home from walking the dog, I’d grab the handle to make sure it was locked.

I keep my car clean on principal, but I made sure to empty of it anything remotely valuable. My emergency jacket went into the trunk. It’s silly, but I don’t want to look like a target. I want any would-be thieves to look in my car and see just a container of bubble gum.

It’s not likely lightning strikes twice in my neighborhood, but you just never know. If this incident showed me anything, it’s that if something were to happen, I’d just sleep through it. Knowing that, I have to be prepared.