If I have one complaint about this weekend it’s that my beloved St. Louis Blues got beaten badly in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Otherwise, this weekend was pretty good all things considered. I was certainly busy, but sometimes that’s not always a bad thing.

My weekend started Friday night with a trip to Busch Stadium for the big rivalry game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my first choice of activities on the night before a long day outside taking pictures.

In fact, my original plan was to sit at home and rest up for the long weekend. Instead, my buddy Nate flew in from New York and suggested we head to the ball game. It didn’t take much twisting of my arm to convince me alter my plans and go.

The game was great and I enjoyed spending time with Nate and his wife. The only problem was the game went into extra innings and every pitch cut into the evening.

By the time the Cards walked off a winner I was pretty exited, but was already feeling a bit sleepy. I pulled into my driveway at exactly midnight and knew Saturday was already here and I had to be up early for Founders Day.

Founders Day kicks off bright and early with a 5K/10K run sponsored by the Union Area Chamber of Commerce. I know runners like to get out early and you want to avoid the midday heat, but 7:30 a.m. seemed awful early to me. It turned out, it was just me.

When I arrived, everyone was a bundle of energy ready to run. Weird group of people, let me tell you.

I snapped some pictures of the race and then made it over to the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Things were intense there, and that was just at a game between 10 and under girls teams.

My camera battery needed charging and I needed to dump some files off my memory card, so I headed back to the office. So far the day was going well and about as expected.

Then I remembered that last year played out the same way until rain right before the afternoon games. The rain not only scared away some people, but also turned a hot day into a humid one. It was impossible not to sweat last year.

This year, just in case, I brought backup clothes. It turns out I didn’t need them. The rain stayed away for the bulk of the day and Founders Day ended up being a blast. The park was packed, people were smiling and things were good for the city. The process repeated itself the next day.

The Bicentennial celebration seemingly went off without a hitch. Downtown Union was packed and fuller than I have ever seen it. Once again, the weather played nice.

The parade through Union, the second in under a week, was an interesting spectacle. It seemed long, but that may be because I was taking pictures throughout.

What was cool was seeing all the different floats and vehicles taking part in the event. Having just covered the Memorial Day parade, I got a front-row seat to a Union-centric event. This one was different.

There were people from all over the county. I saw people representing Washington, St. Clair, Pacific, New Haven and other areas. I think all the fire departments in the county sent at least one truck to the event. It was nice to see everyone come together to celebrate the county.

After the parade, the festival kept going on the square. People were enjoying music, food and the weather. Also they were enjoying watching people get dunked in the dunk tank.

All in all, it was a busy weekend, and a good one for the city of Union. Now if the Blues could have won Saturday like they did Monday night, I’d have no complaints.