Last Friday afternoon I came home from work and began my least favorite activity — mowing the grass.

Fresh off a week of working, the last thing I wanted to do was go outside and mow. Plus, if you weren’t aware, it was hot again.

The summer that wouldn’t die roared back to life Friday. Temperatures again soared into record, or near record, territory. Things were hot.

This weekend, the last one in September and the first one in the fall, was unseasonably warm. I sat outside with friends Saturday afternoon and spent the time just cursing out the oppressive sun.

Friends, I’m tired of summer. I know I’m not alone on this either.

I’ve had conversations with friends, co-workers and even strangers about how done with the heat everyone is. It seems universal that, since fall officially started, the temperature should drop.

For crying out loud, I’m writing this on the last day of September and I’m dreading getting into my car that’s been sitting outside in the hot sun. That’s not great.

Wednesday is the season opener for my beloved St. Louis Blues. The last few years, on opening night, I wear my Blues tie to work. This year the temperature is going to be close to 90 and I will not be wearing a tie.

A tie on a hot day is just a recipe for disaster. I actually like wearing ties, most of the time at least, and I haven’t worn one since at least early May.

Frankly, I’ve had enough. Not about ties, but just the general feeling about being hot. Instead of just complaining about, I decided to do something about it.

Sunday afternoon, sitting inside to avoid the heat, I got an email from a store having a sale. I checked it out because I was bored and saw it was mostly for long-sleeved items.

I knew I’d need a few things to wear when the temperature drops, but it just seemed so far away. Still, I decided to power forward and buy a few long-sleeved shirts in the hopes that I would need them sooner rather than later.

Feeling good about my decision, I then went another step forward trying to push the issue. I reached into my closet and dug out my sweat pants that had been in hiding all summer. I moved them from their summer home into their winter dresser for easier access. I’m ready.

After doing that, I went outside Sunday night to walk the dog and felt the humidity just make things awful out there. Whatever I did, it didn’t work. Yet.

I’m doing my part so I ask you, what are you doing? The next step in the process where I try to force fall — I have promised to myself that next Monday is the end of polo season. Instead of wearing polo shirts like I have all summer, starting Monday it’s back to long sleeves. I’m going to wear a tie and it’s going to be cold enough to do so — at least that’s what I hope.

Temperatures are supposed to drop this week, and I hope it’s for good. For about two weeks now, I’ve been eyeing the first weekend in October to see if the heat wave would be done.

If you didn’t know, the annual Union Wingfest is scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Hosted by the Union Area Chamber of Commerce, the event features food, games, music and more. I enjoyed covering it last year, at least when I wasn’t sweating.

My hope for this year is a much cooler fall event. It may happen and I know I’m doing my part to make sure it does. Ask yourself, are you?