It’s crazy to me how fast this month has flown by.

That’s probably because the month of May is one of the busiest of the year for me. There is just so much going on that  suddenly, 20-plus days have gone by.

I remember coming into the office on May 1 and knowing I had to plan out the month, I sat down in front of my empty desk calendar and just started filling in dates.

By the end of the exercise the calendar was pretty full. Just about every day had an activity. There were meetings, events and things happening on nights and weekends.

Thankfully, this is my second May as the Union editor so I was ready. Last year, not so much.

Last year the May and June stretch wore me out. It seemed like I was working every day and night and was just exhausted.

This year was different because not only did I know May would be busy, but I planned for it. I made my schedule well in advance and knew what I could and couldn’t do.

The May to June stretch is easily the busiest time in this job. I started in this position last April and I really thought I wouldn’t last a year in the gig because of the crazy schedule. Eventually it slowed down and I learned that May to June is just its own special kind of busy.

It makes sense that May is busy because it is, traditionally, the first nice month of the year. The weather starts to warm up which means people want to leave their homes. April has warm days, but May seems more predictable.

Plus April comes with its rain and seasonal allergies — two things I both dread and seek to avoid. This May featured both of those things, but the schedule still stayed full. People plan events hoping for the best, and sometimes you end up with a rainy day like the May 11 East Central College graduation.

So far this month I covered the ECC graduation, the Union High School graduation and three kindergarten recognition ceremonies. On top of that, there have been photo requests, banquets and just other things that pop up on the calendar.

Last week was by far the busiest of the month. I had it circled on my calendar when the month started because  I had something just about every night.

I was able to cover everything I planned to cover and didn’t lose too much sleep with the long days and nights. I actually think it helped having a full schedule because the days just flew by.

Covering all those things is both stressful and fun. For example, I enjoyed the UHS graduation a lot. The kids couldn’t stop smiling and everyone just seemed to be in such a good mood. Happy and joyous events are a ton of fun.

The downside is the stress. You only get one shot at graduation photos. Now I only get one shot at a lot of photos, but graduations are really more important.

There was a lot of pressure to get good pictures. When that happens, I tend to shoot a lot and hope that quality comes from the quantity. I think I snapped close to 100 pictures at the event.

With the graduations over, the month slows down. The only major things I have this month are the opening of the Union Splash-N-Swimplex on Saturday and the big Memorial Day parade.

After that, June will be crazy and I’m already trying to bank some sleep. June has Founders Day,  the Franklin County Bicentennial parade in Union and the Franklin County Fair.

If you’re looking for something to do, there’s plenty to do in Union. For the most part, I’ll be there with my camera. It seems like it’s going to be a lot of work, but if this month proves anything, I bet June will fly by as well.