East Central College

The course success rate for the 2018-19 academic year at East Central College increased, but officials say they’re not satisfied.

“We want to do better,” said Heath Martin, vice president of student development. “Our goal is to be at 79 percent by completion of vision 2024.

“We’ve established it as a metric in our strategic enrollment management plan for retention and persistence,” he said.

The rate for last year ended at 77.3 percent, which was a 0.4 percent increase from the 2017-18 academic year. The data from the report excludes all incomplete grades.

The report also showed that student headcount was down this year with 3,563 students compared to 3,727 in 2018. In addition, students enrolled in 17,699 courses this year compared to 18,741 last year.

Martin noted that the course success rate is one key performance indicator (KPI) that is outlined by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

The other five indicators are three-year graduation and transfer rates, pass rates on professional licensure exams, noncore expenditures as a percent of total expenditures, tuition and fees as a percent of median family income, and graduate outcomes.

“We look forward to implementing a lot of initiatives around retention and completion,” said Martin. “(We) believe those initiatives will help us move the needle.”

Additionally, Martin noted ECC was one of six community colleges in Missouri that met every KPI last year. There are 12 community colleges in the state.

“To move the needle, it takes strong commitment from all of our faculty and staff,” said Martin. “I would like to thank all of them for their effort.”

Last year, the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education stated that 10 percent of all the money schools receive from the state was to be tied to their performance in educating students. 

Since ECC met all six categories, the college received full state funding.

Of the 12 community colleges, ECC had the second highest pass rates on professional licensure exams and scored second highest in the graduate outcomes category.