Barbecue lovers will have a reason to attend the 2019 Founders Day.

The Union Park Board backed adding a barbecue competition to the annual event at its Nov. 29 meeting.

Parks and Recreation Director Angela Sullivan, an admitted fan of barbecue, pushed for the competition. 

Sullivan said she thought the 2018 Founders Day went well, but it was missing something. She said she would like to see a barbecue element.

She added there’s a lull in the day after the 5K-10K race and before the afternoon events start. She said the aroma of barbecue could help fill that time.

The idea would be to have the competitors set up early in the morning. Sullivan said she likes talking to vendors about their technique and imagined others might want to do the same. 

The competition would be small scale in the first year, Sullivan said. The goal would be to keep things simple.

The city would require preregistration in order to guarantee competitors. 

The barbecue area would be set up in the large parking lot near the pavilion or the pool parking lot.

Park board members were enthusiastic about the idea. The details about what the competition will entail will be sorted out closer to Founders Day.

Founders Day is set for Saturday, June 1, 2019.