Union residents may see a slight drop in trash collection fees.

City Administrator Russell Rost said the low bid for trash was $15.15 each month for the first year of service. That is compared to $16.66 that is paid now.

By the end of the five-year contract the monthly fee will be $16.73. The fee for seniors will be $14.15 the first year, and will increase to $15.53 by the end of the contract.

There will be a slight increase each year of the contract.

The low bidder was Progressive Waste Solutions, formerly IESI, which is the trash provider now. The current contract ends Aug. 31.

Under the proposed contract, both trash and recyclables will be collected one time per week, which has caused some concern for residents.

However, the cost to maintain the same schedule of trash collection — twice weekly — would cost about $10 more per month than the current proposal, according to Rost.

Progressive Waste Solutions will provide two wheeled bins to Union residents, one for recycling and another for trash.

Residents will have the option for two 96-gallon bins, two 65-gallon bins, or one of each. The bins will have different colored lids for trash and recycling.

The trash company will likely ask customers via a mailing which sizes of bins they would prefer. Those who don’t respond will receive 96-gallon bins, Rost said.

If residents use uniform totes citywide, the trash company can use lifts to dump the canisters into the truck. That saves on manpower because the truck can be operated with just a driver.

People may use their existing containers for yard waste.

Rost said Progressive Waste Solutions is expected to purchase two new trucks designated for use in Union.

The proposed contract did not state what days trash will be collected. Rost noted that recycling will most likely still be picked up Wednesdays.

The recycling will be sold as a commodity and the city will receive 50 percent of the profits, he said.

Some elderly residents also contacted city hall concerned that they would not be able to wheel the totes to the street, or that they only use one bag of trash weekly.

Rost said those situations will be worked out among the city, residents and the trash company.

The goal, Rost added, is to have the bins at homes and the new process implemented by Nov. 15.

“I think we have addressed a lot of concerns that have come up over the past five years,” he said.

Officials expect the yard waste and large trash pickups to be similar to the current contract, Rost added.

Under the current contract, yard waste has been collected four times a month in May, June, October and November.

It is collected twice monthly in July, August and September, and once a month in January, February, March and December.

Large trash items are collected once per month.