Domino’s Pizza staff in Union reported receiving fake money Monday night.

The pizza restaurant reported a phony bill was passed during a delivery. Union police said the suspects were a male and female.

The male was described as being 28-30 years old with brown hair and beard. The female was described as 26-28 years old with bright red hair.

The couple were driving an older gray Buick with the back seat filled with clothing and personal belongings.

Police said the bill looked real, but wasn’t. Union police said the bill had foreign language writing instead of words in English in some places.

Police are encouraging everyone to be on the lookout for counterfeit money.

There are many ways to check for a fake bill. One way to check is to feel the money — real bills have a different feel that is hard to replicate by counterfeiters.

Another way to spot a phony is to hold the bill up to a light. Newer $10s, $20s and higher denomination bills have hidden watermarks. The images and words can only be seen when the bill is exposed to light.

The easiest way to check if a bill is bad or not is to look at the lower righthand corner. On newer bills the number is a hologram that “shimmers” when the bill is moved around. The number appears to change color from green to gold. Counterfeiters can’t duplicate that effect.