A motion to approve a revised memorandum with Central Methodist University was granted Monday night, May 6, at the East Central College Board of Trustees meeting.

CMU and ECC have been in partnership for more than 20 years with CMU offering classes to students on the ECC campus.

The base lease for this year was increased to $25,800 from $21,500 with a $4,000 assessment to reimburse the college for the security it provides at night. 

“We increased the base lease just based on the inflation in the past year,” President Jon Bauer said.

The college has an agreement with the Union Police Department to provide security on campus. The reimbursement is based on how much security costs at night while CMU classes are being held.

Bauer said ECC also holds evening classes on the Union campus, which has a large security presence during that time.

CMU in collaboration with ECC agreed the $4,000 amount is appropriate for the hours CMU holds classes.

“They were willing to do that and appreciate the fact that we have officers on campus,” Bauer said. “It’s a benefit for their faculty and students.”

The agreement will go into effect July 1.

The annual fee allows CMU to use designated classrooms up to an average of 45 credit hours per eight-week session. 

If additional hours are required there is a $350 charge per additional credit hour.