No Dogs Allowed

No dogs allowed.

Dogs have been banned from the city’s new splash park, located in Veterans Memorial Park, off Progress Parkway.

The new park, complete with water sprayers, loops, a palm tree, flowers, cannons and more, has had some issues with hair clogging the strainer and preventing water from getting to the pump.

If the pump is dry, it will burn out, noted City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann.

“I never would have thought people lose enough hair to plug up the filters,” Zimmermann said.

Several dogs have been spotted in the park. While the water is being treated and doesn’t pose a health risk, the hair has added to the clogging problem, City Administrator Russell Rost said.

Switch Broken

In an issue unrelated to clogging, the main operating switch at the splash park has broken.

The switch, which is used by visitors to turn the water on, has been bypassed so the park can stay open until a replacement part can be delivered.

The water is on a timer and turns off automatically. A recycled water system, which is chlorinated, helps conserve water, Rost noted.

After the water is treated a number of times, it will be replaced with fresh water.

The city has requested both a new pump and switch under warranty.

Rost noted that a spare pump and other harder-to-find parts will be kept on backup in case of an outage.