Work on Denmark Road is off to a rocky start — literally.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann updated the personnel, finance and public works committee this week on the widening project, which began Oct. 9.

“We have been hammering rock in the corridor and have adjusted our utilities as much as we can adjust them to get them out of the rock, but we still had a substantial amount of rock removal,” he said.

Zimmermann said costs to remove the rock likely will exceed the $10,000 budgeted for the project.

“We’re going to be probably somewhere in the $20,000 mark right now,” he said.

The storm sewer there also has been relocated.

Zimmermann said a second crew will work on widening, which will impact traffic more than the early stages have.

“We’re going to have to pay a little closer attention to how the traffic is flowing out there,” he told the commission.

The project includes widening, resurfacing and sidewalk construction from St. Andrews Drive to Grandview Farms Drive.

The bridge located just east of St. Andrews Drive over an unnamed tributary of the Bourbeuse River is scheduled for replacement and a “mini roundabout” will be constructed at the St. Andrews Drive and Denmark Road intersection.

Work will begin on the section east of the bridge, where the roadway will be widened, overlaid and paved this fall.

Odor Problem

Since the relocation of the sanitary sewer force main, there has been an odor in that area, Zimmermann said.

“I’ve been working with our water/wastewater crew to try and find a solution to the problem,” he said.

The manholes were sealed, but the odor has persisted.

The next step is to put in activated carbon filters in the manholes to allow them to breathe without creating the odor.

Zimmermann said there have been complaints about the “very strong” odor in the area where the work was completed.

“I’m hoping we can get it addressed by adding filters,” he said. “If this doesn’t work we will go to the next step and keep working at it until we get it under control.”