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The Union Planning and Zoning Commission has backed a plan for an in-home day care on Hickory Circle.

At Monday’s meeting, the commission supported Kayla Frioli’s conditional use permit request to operate a state-licensed in-home day care at 74 Hickory Lane.

The commission opted to only put conditions on the hours and the number of kids at the day care. The commission limited the hours of operation from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and said Frioli could only have 10 children.

The limit on children was based on the state law. Frioli told the commission that based on her license, the absolute maximum number of kids she can have is 10.

Frioli said that shouldn’t be an issue. She said the number of kids she has varies, but she figures most days would be about 6 to 7 children in her care.

Frioli said she has been reviewed by the state for her certification. She said the property is fenced and she recently had some fencing redone to be in compliant with the state’s rules.

She has no plans for any outside signage marketing her business.

There are other day cares in the area, the commission said. Mayor Mike Livengood said he had no issues with the request, he just wanted to see a condition to enforce the hours and number of kids.

The only concerns came from neighbors. Both said they were fine with the business, they were just concerned about traffic.

Livengood pointed out that there’s really not much the city can do to regulate traffic. Commission member Richard Purschke said with staggered arrival times, traffic shouldn’t be that bad.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann pointed out the roadway is 32 feet wide making for “more than adequate width” for cars. He also said the road has a very low traffic count.

City Administrator Russell Rost said his neighbor runs a day care. He said at first, he noticed a few more cars around, but after a while it just became “normal” and he got used to it.

One neighbor asked the board “when does it end?” She said there are professional day cares nearby and some already in the neighborhood.

Commissioner chairman Greg Bailey said in-home day cares are allowed in the subdivision’s zoning district with a conditional use permit. As long as the permit is granted, Bailey said it’s allowed in the neighborhood.

The commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the permit. The board of aldermen will have the final say at a future meeting.

The permit request was the only item on the commission’s agenda Monday night.