The Daughters of Isabella of Union Circle 391 held their regular monthly meeting at the Union Knights of Columbus Hall Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Regent Jane Van Leer Stephens called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. After opening activities, monthly business was conducted. 

The chairpersons or representatives gave standing and special committee reports. Regent Van Leer Stephens reported on behalf of the visitation of the sick chairperson. She updated the members present on the health status of the organization’s members who have been ill. 

Van Leer Stephens also reported on the many cards sent to members on behalf of the organization. For the respect for life committee, Jean Marquart reported on the upcoming rummage sale scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 26 in the Immaculate Conception cafeteria. 

Set up will begin at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 25. 

Regent Van Leer Stephens thanked Ruth Dowil and the September Social committee for the decorations, desserts, and attendance prize. Eva Jankowski reported on the funeral luncheons the D of I has served so far in September. 

Jankowski reported that the Bill Hemann and Paul Cicka families were very appreciative for all the D of I did. She also reported that the D of I will be serving a funeral for the family of Dorothy Markin. 

Jo Arand will be in charge of the funeral luncheons for October. 

During unfinished business, Van Leer Stephens reviewed information on the D of I State Convention. She reported that it will be held this year in Boonville and will be hosted by Lillies Circle No. 250. 

Joyce Mullen. Brenda Hoelscher and Mary Jo Wilding planned to attend the event along will Regent Van Leer Stephens. Mullen has been in charge of the table favors the organization has made for the convention. 

Regent Van Leer Stephens also announced that D of I aprons were still available at $16.50 each. The 2019-21 slate of officers was announced and they were voted in unanimously. 

Regent Van Leer Stephens thanked all who volunteered. 

During new business, those members present voted on a baby quilt to donate to the I.C. Fall Festival. The Catholic Women for Christ Conference was briefly discussed. Juanita Miner has volunteered as a representative and will have more information at next meeting.  

Members shared good of the order. Following closing activities, an attendance prize was drawn. 

Regent Van Leer Stephens adjourned the meeting. The next meeting of the Daughters of Isabella Circle 391 will be Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. at the KC Hall in Union.