A discussion regarding business licenses is on the agenda for the next Union Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The plan board will meet Monday, Sept. 23, at 6:30 p.m. The commission will follow up on a discussion from this summer about business licenses and temporary mobile concession units.

In May, the board reviewed a proposed change designed to regulate food trucks which have been showing up at city events and are unregulated by the city.

In the past, food trucks have pulled up at Founders Day and other events and drew customers away from food vendors who have signed up to participate in the events, Parks and Recreation Director Angela Lairmore said.

The city considered addressing the issue after the 2018 Fourth of July Fireworks display. Multiple ice cream trucks showed up at Veterans Memorial Park, and, because they were unregulated, were able to roam the park while other vendors were required to be stationary.

Lairmore said the trucks were a safety hazard. She said they blocked driving lanes and parking lots and drove in areas where the city was trying to limit traffic.

To slow down the trucks, the city has been discussing a change to city code regulating the mobile vehicles. A draft was prepared for the plan board at the May meeting, but tabled.

A change was drafted by City Attorney Matt Schroeder. During discussions, a number of questions were raised.

Plan board members questioned the permitting and licensing process and had issues with some of the language used in the draft. Schroeder was not at the May meeting, so the issue was tabled.

The conversation resumed again in June, this time with Schroeder present. However he said, based on the concerns in May and issues raised by the city, the discussion should be tabled for a future commission meeting.

The city’s original plan would be to require the food trucks to go through some sort of permitting process. If they want to attend events on city property, they would have to register like other vendors.

Any change to the city code would allow for enforcement. For a change to be approved, the plan board would first have to sign off and then the city’s board of aldermen would make the final change.

Other Items

Also on the agenda for Monday night is a review of building codes. The city has been making plans to switch property and maintenance code for this year.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann said last year it was time for the city to update its codes.

The city is now under the 2009 version of codes published by the International Code Council. Zimmermann said the goal is to get up to current standards. He said the codes are updated every three years.

The city typically updates the codes every 10 years. Codes were updated in 2000 and in 2010 the city adopted the 2009 codes.

Zimmermann said this plan is intended to be easier on builders.

The commission also is slated to have a public hearing for a conditional use permit. The applicant, Eugene Platt, is seeking a permit to allow a day care, training and grooming facility at 1230 W. Springfield Ave.

The plan board also is scheduled to elect new officers for one year terms.