The city of Union recently purchased another home.

The Union Board of Aldermen recently approved the purchase of a home from Sue and Joseph Barnhart located at 620 E. Main St. The purchase price is $55,000.

This is the second time this year the city purchased a residential property. In March, the city agreed to buy two homes and an apartment building at Central Avenue and Oak Street.

The purchase gives the city ownership of 614 E. Main St., 616 E, Main St. and now 620 E. Main St., according to Franklin County records.

Unlike the last purchase, the city doesn’t intend to demolish the home right away. Instead, the plan calls for making some repairs.

City Administrator Russell Rost said the city intends to fix up the house and rent it out. He said there are some issues that need to be addressed and cleaned up before anyone can move in.

Rost estimated it may cost an additonal $2,000 to $4,000 to get the house in a rentable condition. He said the city rents out a house on Main Street already and has had good luck with renters. Rost said he hopes to have the same with a neighboring property.

A rental price for the home is still to be determined, he said. He said he imagined it would fall in the $500 to $600 monthly range, but that would be decided once the home is fixed up.

Rost pointed out the home has significant accessibility enhancements, and ready to use for someone who needs a wheelchair.