After a weeklong recess, the Union Board of Aldermen resumed its regular meeting Monday night and swore in elected officials. 

Municipal Judge A. David Arand, Mayor Rod Tappe and Aldermen Brian Pickard, Bob Marquart, Dennis Soetebier and Karen Erwin all took the oath of office and were sworn in — a week after the city had originally intended.

The city was scheduled to swear in elected officials following the April 2 municipal election Monday, April 8. Union ordinance states elected officials are to be sworn in at the first regular board meeting following the election. Board meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of the month.

The city was set to go until around 3 p.m. April 8 when officials found out the Franklin County Clerk’s Office had not certified the election results and wouldn’t by the time the 6:30 p.m. meeting was scheduled to start.  

The clerk’s office has two weeks to certify the election. Union City Administrator Russell Rost said in the past, the city had worked with the county to get the official results early. With a new county clerk, Tim Baker who took over in November, Rost said the city didn’t communicate its request for early results in time.

The city started the meeting last week and handled two agenda items that Rost said needed immediate action. Everything else was put on pause while the meeting went into recess and never technically adjourned. 

With the election results official, Mayor Mike Livengood resumed the meeting. The election results were certified and then Livengood and Ward 1 Alderman Jim Albrecht stepped down and were replaced by the new mayor, Tappe, and Ward 1 representative, Pickard.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Albrecht and Livengood were recognized for their years of service to the city. 

Final Results

The county sent the official certified results to the city prior to the meeting. 

In the race for mayor, Tappe was the winner with 615 votes (47.93 percent). He beat out Livengood (371 votes, 28.92 percent) and Lucas Johnson (295 votes, 22.99 percent). There were two write-in votes. 

For municipal judge, Arand got 1,128 votes (98.86 percent). There were 13 write-in votes.

Pickard won the Ward 1 seat with 152 votes (53.52 percent). Albrecht had 129 votes and there were three write-in votes. 

Marquart won in Ward 2 by picking up 194 votes (52.57 percent). Terry Copeland had 175 votes. The race received zero write-in votes.

In Ward 3, Soetebier had 252 votes (96.55 percent). There were nine write-in votes cast. 

The final race, Ward 4, saw Erwin win with 263 votes (95.99 percent). There were 11 write-in votes.