The planning and zoning commission is recommending the city adopt a newer version of

property maintenance and building codes.

City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann told the commission that the city currently is under the 2009 version of codes published by the International Code Council. He recommended using the 2018 version.

“You’re supposed to keep the codes within two editions of current. We’re well past that,” Zimmermann said. “We typically update every nine to 10 years.”

The building department has already started reviewing the code and will recommend changes so the edition better fits the community.

Later this year, Zimmermann said suggested revisions would be brought to the planning and zoning commission for review and discussion.

City Administrator Russell Rost said the codes are amended significantly to fit the community’s needs.

“As the building department sees something that may or may not fit with Union, they will bring that to you to give them direction,” Rost said.

Zimmermann noted that open meetings will be held with all local builders.

The Union Fire Protection District uses the 2015 family of codes, but the department doesn’t typically complete single-family residential inspections, officials noted.

“We are two separate entities, so builders will have to build to (the fire department) codes as well as ours,” said Zimmermann, however, the codes typically differ slightly.

International building codes are updated every three years.