The city of Union received an “unmodified” opinion on its financial statements for the fiscal year that ended June 30.

The opinion is among the highest the city can receive.

Tammy Alsop with Hochschild, Bloom and Company, LLP, Washington, told the board of aldermen Monday night that the firm’s review of the city’s finances indicate that the city’s financial statements were fairly presented in all material respects.

“I’m pretty happy with this report,” Mayor Mike Livengood said.

The report will be submitted for a certificate of achievement, which the city has received since 2009.

“The city should be proud of itself for being able to do that,” Alsop said. “Heather (Keith, finance officer) does a wonderful job on the financial statements that she does for the city.”


Among highlights, the report indicates that the city’s assets and deferred outflows exceeded liabilities and deferred inflows for the year by $61,678,357. The city has unrestricted net position totaling $12,966,148.

The general revenues for governmental activities totaled $6.6 million, which included $6.1 million in sales, property, franchise and other taxes. Property taxes accounted for $1.2 million of general revenues.

Expenses were $8.4 million, including $2.4 million for general government; $1.7 million for public safety; $1.8 million for streets; $731,434 for trash collection; $954,488 for culture and recreation; $556,386 for planning and development; and $167,907 for building maintenance.

At the end of the fiscal year, the governmental funds reported combined ending fund balances of just under $8 million. Of that, $1.4 million is unassigned, $2.7 million is nonspendable and $1.4 million is restricted, $2.5 million is committed and just under $84,000 is assigned.

The general fund balance was $9,005,269, or 119 percent of total general fund expenditures. Of that, $4 million is unassigned, $2.6 million is nonspendable and $2.5 million is committed.

The city’s debt decreased $676,329 during the fiscal year.

“The preparation of this report could not have been accomplished without the efficient and dedicated services of the entire staff of the various departments of the city,” said City Administrator Russell Rost.