The salary for the city’s municipal judge may increase next year.

Every year the Union Board of Aldermen review the salaries of elected officials. The current judge, A. David Arand, requested the salary increase for the position.

Arand told the city he serves as the judge in both St. Clair and Union, but gets paid differently in each city. He said the work is comparable.

The Union salary is $457 a month compared to the St. Clair rate of $729.16. The annual difference is about $3,200.

Because the jobs are so similar, Arand suggested the compensation match.

Any change in the salary would take place after the April 2019 municipal election. The salary would be for the position and not just Arand — anyone elected to the job would get the salary increase.

Union City Administrator Russell Rost said he was going to meet with his counterpart in St. Clair to discuss the issue.

One thing Rost wants to address is conference fees. He said Union currently pays money for the judge to attend conferences. He said if Union and St. Clair happen to share a judge again come April, it would make sense for the cities to split the cost of conferences.

Rost said he hoped to have the issue ironed out by the November board meeting. He said that way the increase, if approved, would be in place before candidate filing begins.

No other elected official salaries will change.