The design details for the Union City Hall project are getting finalized as the project is set to pick up in the coming months.

Horn Architects provided an update on the plans for the building at the city’s parks, buildings, development and public services committee meeting Monday night. Horn showed off a rendering of the building and provided flooring samples for aldermen.

Steve Strubberg, with Horn, said the design hasn’t changed much from earlier discussions. He said it’s a full masonry exterior with brick and concrete masonry. The brick is two different colors with lighter bands at the top to match the base.

The signature feature of the front is a metal-roofed tower marking the main entry. The other main feature is an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) on the front of the building that would stand out from the rest. 

Strubberg said this area would be the board chambers. The city’s name would be printed on the wall. 

“We want to make that area pop,” he said.

There also would be decorative lighting on the building.

Strubberg said interior floor colors have been narrowed down after discussions with city staff. He said the carpet, which would be in the bulk of the building, is gray with a little tan.

A heavy ceramic tile, also gray in color, is proposed for the lobby and restroom areas. The tile is slip resistant. 

A gray vinyl tile would be used in the engineering department for easy cleaning because of the potential for mud.  

Strubberg said the next step is picking wall paint color and furniture.

Horn told the city it could keep the rendering. City Administrator Russell Rost said the city will likely put it on display at the auditorium. 

Rost said the proposed building is not fancy.

“It’s very practical, very pretty,” he said. 

Next Steps

Navigate Building Solutions said in April the design phase of the project should be wrapped up soon. The design plans are due to Navigate at the end of May.

After Navigate reviews the plans, the city will get a design estimate update at its June 10 board meeting. The board will also look at interior finishes in June.

While that is ongoing, the city is planning on working on the  abatement of the old Fricks building. The goal is to have the abatement bid out and finished by the end of June. 

The demolition of the building is scheduled to be done by the end of July. 

In July, construction documents would be finalized. After that, the project would be out for bid by August with work starting in September. 

The goal is to have most of the construction done in September 2020 with city staff moving into the building by October 2020.