The Christina Street bridge project can move forward after an issue with a parking lot was finally addressed.

Union City Administrator Jonathan Zimmermann said the city recently cleared a large hurdle with the state.

The project is a realignment of the bridge over Flat Creek. The work also will include sidewalk improvements.

The project is being funded by an East-West Gateway Council of Governments Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) grant. The project is budgeted at $906,655 with $499,856 being federal dollars and $406,799 being local money.

Zimmermann said the project hit a snag with the state parks because of a grant.

“Back in the late ’70s, the city applied for a land and water conservation grant,” he said. “In the description of the grant, it included the parking lot.”

Zimmermann said the grant was used for the park, but not the parking lot.

“I went back through, looked through all the records — no funds were used on the parking lot,” he said. “My argument was, that should not have been included as part of the grant. State parks came back with, regardless of whether any money was used, it was in the application therefore that’s the legal boundary of the grant.”

Zimmermann said in order to move forward, he had to convince the state that the project would benefit the park, even at the detriment of the parking lot.

“I argued that the bridge realignment and associated sidewalk would create a much safer environment for both vehicles and pedestrian traffic at the park area, therefore making the park more accessible,” he said. “They agreed with that.”

With that obstacle cleared, Zimmermann said he can move forward with other issues.

“All that’s left is the environmental clearance and the right of way clearance,” he said. “All the other issues are taken care of.”

Zimmermann said he was hopeful to have everything addressed soon.

“I’m now working through the environmental side with MoDOT and trying to get the environmental clearance,” he said. “Hopefully next week I’ll be able to submit everything for clearance on the project.”

The Christina Street bridge was built in 1932 and has a sufficiency rating of 46.9 percent. It is scheduled to be replaced in the summer of 2019.