Charges are pending against a woman who police say stole a car from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department parking lot.

Union police said officers were called to the sheriff’s department Friday, Aug. 24, for a report of a stolen car.

Police identified the owner as a man who was in a romantic relationship with the woman who was driving the vehicle. The woman driving the car had left the vehicle in the parking lot while she was “taking care of other matters,” said Union police.

While the vehicle was unoccupied, the suspect, a 41-year-old woman, showed up at the sheriff’s department and took the car, police said. The woman is married to the car’s owner.

In addition to the car, police said the woman took the driver’s personal property that had been left in the vehicle. Union police said the driver reported that over $25,000 worth of personal property was in the car.

A short time later, Franklin County deputies arrested the woman at the victim’s residence. Some of the missing property was located. However, several thousand dollars in cash and a wallet were still missing.

The suspect was taken to the Franklin County Jail pending a warrant application. She was later released pending formal charges.