Just two weeks after Union aldermen approved the zoning designations for medical marijuana operations, the city’s planning and zoning commission will discuss a potential change.

To get ready for the legalization of medical marijuana, the city has been working to establish zoning districts for four types of possible operations. Now the agenda for the next planning and zoning commission meeting shows a request to tweak the established zoning.

The commission’s meeting, normally on Mondays, has been pushed to Tuesday, May 28, because of the Memorial Day holiday. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

In March, the city’s planning and zoning commission debated and reviewed proposed zoning districts for cultivation businesses, infusion businesses, testing facilities, and dispensaries.

At the May 13 board of aldermen meeting, the city approved the proposed zoning designations. The city decided cultivation is an agricultural industry and should be placed where other growing industries are in the nonurban zoning district.

Because of security concerns, the city decided cultivation would only be allowed with a conditional use permit. The CUP would allow the city to establish restrictions like business hours.

The infusion facility, places where the grown product is transferred and put in various other products, was set for the city’s light industrial (I-1) district. The city also said that needed a CUP.

Dispensaries were classified similar to pharmacies and will be allowed in the highway business district (B-2) without a CUP and in the downtown business district (B-1) with a permit. The facilities have to be 1,000 feet from any school or church.

The medical testing facilities are allowed in the I-1 district with a CUP.

According to the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting, the plan board will be taking another look at the cultivation industry. A request has been made to allow cultivation in the city’s light industrial district with a conditional use permit.

Just like last time, the plan board will get the first chance to review and debate the request. The board will then make a recommendation to the board of aldermen.

If any change to the zoning is needed, aldermen will have a public hearing and then have a vote to change the zoning codes.

Other Items

Also on the agenda is a public hearing for a conditional use permit. Robert and Nicole Voss are seeking a permit to construct a resident-only washer and dryer unit and storage shed at 5 Lindner Lane.

The plan board also will hear a request to rezone a parcel from single-family residential to multifamily residential. The property is located at the end of Grand Central Drive, east of Independence Drive and south of West Main Street.

Another item for discussion is an amendment of city code relating to temporary mobile concession units.

Finally, the plan board will discuss a plan to require the city to notify residents outside of city limits if a request involves an adjoining property inside the city limits.