An auction house has received a conditional use permit to operate in the Union industrial district.

Following the city’s planning and zoning commission recommendation, the Union Board of Aldermen last week unanimously approved a conditional use permit application by Greg Hoberock. The permit would allow a wholesale and auction house business at 3 Chad Lane.

The property is located in the I-1 general industrial district and just southeast of the intersection of Progress Parkway and Prairie Dell Road. The property is owned by Hoberock, but the business will be operated by Darrell Phipps and Scott Hargraves.

Aldermen placed several conditions on the permit that were supported by the applicant at the planning and zoning meeting. The first is to prohibit any parking along Prairie Dell Road.

Other conditions included requiring all sales to take place indoors and for the auctions to be done and closed by 10 p.m.

The permit also only applies to a portion of the property owned by Hoberock.

During a public hearing Monday night, there were no objections to the plan.

Hargraves explained the plan for the business at the planning and zoning commission meting. He said his goal is to run auctions just one night a week — every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. and customers would be off the property by 10 p.m. Multiple times he stressed he wouldn’t be selling “junk.”

“We’re not going down that route,” he said.

The plan is to sell mostly new items, he said. Most of the items will be overstock material purchased from places like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart.

For example, Hargraves said he recently purchased a load of overstocked toilets. He said he’s also working with a dress store to buy overstock jewelry.

“It’s going to be professionally run,” he said.

The business will have minimal employees — mostly family, Hargraves said. During auctions, there would be two auctioneers, two to three clerks and two other people working the table, he said.

Hargraves had no issue with the restriction limiting outside storage. He said the landlord, Hoberock, doesn’t want any outside storage or outside events meaning the whole business would take place indoors.

In response to noise issues, Hargraves also said he had no problem hosting the auctions inside in order to not bother the neighbors.

Another potential concern mentioned at the planning and zoning meeting was traffic. Aldermen put in place a restriction limiting parking along Prairie Dell Road.

Hargraves said that shouldn’t be a problem because the lot on the property recently was paved and there should be plenty of parking spaces. He said he is not anticipating a major traffic impact because the auctions would just be one night a week and after all the neighboring businesses have closed for the day.