The Franklin County Fair was well attended and there was a smooth run this year.

That is according to Fair organizers who said the biggest attractions this year included the Craig Morgan concert, pig scramble and the rodeo.

Fair Board Chairman Eric Schmuke said the four-day event “went well.”

“We were down a little bit but the crowds were not bad,” he said.

The Fair ran from Thursday, July 10, through Sunday, July 13.

Schmuke said there were bigger crowds last year, mostly due to the pleasant weather during the 2013 Fair, but this year’s event was on par with previous years.

“It was a lot nicer last year, but we still had very little rain this year,” he added. “If you could find shade it was nice down here, but it was a little warm in the sun.”

Alderman Bob Schmuke, who also is a Fair Board member, said during Monday’s board of aldermen meeting that he is appreciative of the support.

“I want to thank everyone in the community and the surrounding area who came out to support the Fair,” he said. “It was the 60-year anniversary and a pretty good weekend.”

According to Eric Schmuke, the Craig Morgan concert was one of the highlights of the weekend.

“It was a great concert,” he said. “The crowd was down a little but other than that it was a great show.”

Returning this year after a several year hiatus was an opening ceremony that recognized past Fair chairmen. There were several former chairmen who attended the ceremony to mark the Fair’s 60th year.

“The past chairmen loved coming back,” Schmuke aid. “That turned out great.”

Another new event was the Lil Monster Trucks, which is a professional kids sports team that travels the country participating in monster truck events while promoting positive messages.

“It was very interesting,” Schmuke said. “We had a couple of them roll over which was pretty neat.”

Some events that always are big hits were the pig scramble Thursday night at the rodeo Saturday.

“It looked like a great crowd for the pig scramble — everything on Thursday looked like it had a huge crowd,” Schmuke noted. “Thursday night was better than expected.”

“We had a huge crown for the rodeo,” he added. “I think all the stands were full. I heard the clown was hilarious but I didn’t get to see him.”

Schmuke said he was appreciative of the Fair Board and all others who chipped in to make the event successful.

“I’d like to thank all of the assistants and FFA kids that set up and tear down,” he said, “and all the Fair Board members who came out, and their families who let them come out.