Two Union men drug- and alcohol-related charges after one stole a bottle of liquor and the second was in possession of marijuana. Union police responded to Mobile on the Run Friday, Nov. 23, after 6 a.m. after the clerk reported that a man took a bottle of Jagermeister and concealed it in his clothes.

The suspect and a second man, both 18, then left the store.

The following day, police responded to the same store at 4:34 a.m. after the teens returned.

The suspect who took the bottle was “very intoxicated,” police said. He was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

The man also was in possession of a digital scale with drug residue on it.

A passenger, who was passed out in the vehicle, was awoken. He was in possession of a bag of marijuana, a marijuana pipe and alcohol, police said.

The passenger also had a checkbook stolen from a vehicle in the Strawberry Fields subdivision in his backpack.

A rifle also was stolen from the same vehicle. The suspect denied that he stole the checkbook or the rifle, police said.

Union police still are investigating the theft of the weapon.