Two 21-year-old men have been charged with a felony following a spray painting spree in Union.

James V. Allen, Union, and Jordan N. LaBoube, 21, St. Louis, are charged in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with first-degree property damage.

Prosecutors requested a $25,000 bond for Allen, and a $15,000 cash-only bond for LaBoube.

Union police allege that Allen and LaBoube painted graffiti on the railroad overpass over Highway 47. The location has been vandalized several times in the past few months, police said.

A Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy reported the graffiti.

Police also suspect the men vandalized the bridge on West Park Road, as well as a bridge on East Park Road at North Church Street and a bridge on North Washington Avenue near State Street.

Police said these incidents likely occurred late June 15 to early June 16.

There have been other spray paint vandalism over the past several months, but police have tied the most recent incidents to Allen and LaBoube.

Assistant Police Chief Kyle Kitcher said the men were caught after police found evidence, a spray can, left at a scene.

Officers then determined that the paint was sold at Wal-Mart where they reviewed footage and saw one of the men purchasing the paint.

One of the suspects was arrested and police were able to identify the second suspect.

Much of the graffiti was anti-police in nature, Kitcher said.

“I wasn’t too concerned but we wanted to get it to stop,” Kitcher said. “(The bridge) had been painted over twice already.”