Residents who use school district property for sledding may soon be considered trespassing.

A safety review and risk assessment of the district’s premises was conducted by the Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) as part of a routine renewal assessment.

In the review, it stated that allowing sledding on school property is a liability to the district.

Superintendent Steve Bryant notified the Union R-XI School board Monday that the district’s insurance company is recommending sledding no longer be permitted on district hillsides.

Bryant added that signs will be placed at hillsides notifying people that sledding is no longer allowed.

“I know that’s going to be a challenge,” Bryant said. “We hope people will honor those signs.”

Bryant emphasized that the situation is beyond the board’s control.

“Our risk assessment person stressed that sledding is a huge liability and recommended we put a stop to it,” he said.

A gate has been ordered for Wildcat Drive at Union High School, which will be closed when there is snow or ice.

The gate also will help keep traffic off the student/staff parking lots so they can be cleared before snow is packed on the lot.

If people go through the gate to sled, it would be trespassing, Bryant noted.

“It’s been dangerous for our guys to work because of all the people in the lots. It’s been difficult,” Bryant said.

Other Highlights

The 2014 renewal assessment is $386,678, which includes a credit of ($77,336). The net assessment is $389,342.

There credit is a 10.5 percent membership credit ($40,601) and a 9.5 percent surplus allocation credit ($36,735).

The policy includes property equipment breakdown, general liability, buses, school board liability, workers’ compensation and treasurers bond.

The district also opted for additional liability of $5 million umbrella insurance for $7,983 and a cyber coverage option for $4,260.

There was no discussion on the renewal, which passed 7-0.