A former Union High School teacher and coach found guilty of sexual assault will serve 90 days’ shock time in the Franklin County Jail followed by five years’ probation.

Brad J. Julius, who was found guilty Aug. 8 by a Franklin County jury, was sentenced Thursday by Associate Circuit Judge John Berkemeyer.

The judge sentenced Julius to five years in the Missouri Department of Corrections, then suspended execution of the sentence and ordered the county jail time and probation.

Julius was charged in 2011 with the sexual assault of a then 37-year-old Union woman at her home. He was taken to jail Thursday morning to begin his 90-day sentence.

Julius is required to register as a sex offender.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Berkemeyer denied defense motions for acquittal or a new trial.

Also charged in the case was Matthew R. Rogers, 31, who pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of conspiracy to commit sexual assault.

Union police allege that the suspects had sex with the victim on April 24, 2011.

Authorities said Rogers and Julius met with the victim at Hagie’s Nineteen and then later at her home where the two men had sex with her.

The victim had been too drunk to consent to sex, according to police.

“This is a bothersome case for a lot of people,” Judge Berkemeyer said at the hearing. “The court can see that.”

Defense attorney Frank Carlson said Julius has lost his career and his life has been changed. He said Julius should not serve time in prison.

“Brad has already been punished,” said Carlson. “He is being punished now and will be punished for the rest of his life — this is not a prison case.”

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks did not address the court during the sentencing hearing.

“It’s obvious that you have hurt a lot of people,” said Judge Berkemeyer. “That hurt will be there forever and I can’t stop that.”

Victim Speaks

In an impact statement read in court, the victim stated that she has been “impacted financially and socially.”

The victim said she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and that she had to quit her job.

She added that her name was published on the Casenet.com website, and St. Louis television stations knocked on her door seeking an interview.

“There is no such thing as confidentiality when you are a victim,” she said.

The victim added that the incident and trial have changed her.

“People say I am no longer present... I feel like I lost me,” she said.

In addressing the court, the victim made false statements that a Missourian reporter is friends with Julius and Rogers.

The reporter who handled the story is not friends with the men and has never had contact with either man.

It also was inaccurately stated that The Missourian attempted to interview neighbors of the victim.

The Missourian did not attempt to interview neighbors, however investigators said a St. Louis area television station tried to contact neighbors.