Football isn’t my favorite sport. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the game, but I am definitely more of a baseball guy.

I’m actually kind of fickle when it comes to which sports I like to watch, and which sports I pass on.I like pro football, and some college football. I love college basketball, but dislike the NBA. 

During the regular NCAA season I pass on many games, but in March I am glued to the television.I 

can watch a lot of MLB games. I would watch a St. Louis Cardinals game over most other activities. I’d probably miss the birth of my firstborn child if it were to fall during a playoff game.Which is possible if you do the math because the baseball season ends in October and doesn’t begin until April. . . and never mind.Hockey really isn’t my cup of tea. I grew up outside of Detroit and my parents watched hockey. 

Not so much regular season hockey, but playoff hockey, which is every year for the Red Wings.I grew up a fan of the hockey squad from Detroit, but I want to make it clear that I am no longer a Red Wings fan.If it came down to a face off between the Wings and St. Louis Blues, I would be cheering for the “Notes.” And I’m not just saying that so I don’t get punched in the face.Seriously. Don’t hit me, (Go Blues!).

I’m not really familiar with the hockey rules because I don’t really watch much of the sport. I know what a “power play” is and I know what a “hat trick” is, but the only thing I know about “icing” is that it’s delicious.That brings us to January, an exciting time for many sports fans because most of the above-mentioned sports are in full swing.

The only thing that really piques my interest are the NFL playoffs, but it’s something I can take or leave. Just to be clear, in case my wife is reading this, I do intend to watch the rest of the playoff games, but there isn’t as much interest for me because I don’t have a dog in the fight.And that’s probably why I’m a casual fan of football. 

I started out my fandom as a Detroit Lions fan. I am still a Lions fan but it is really hard to follow a team that is no longer local and has one playoff win in my lifetime. They are the Cubs of the NFL. Just kidding, no team is that bad.

I also like the Kansas City Chiefs. The first pro football game I ever went to see was at Arrowhead Stadium with my dad. It was a showdown between Joe Montana and Steve Young.But the Chiefs have had three playoff wins while I’ve been on Earth.

First and foremost though, I am a St. Louis Rams fan, but I didn’t really become a fan of the team until after the 1999 championship. I liked the Rams then, but I was just becoming a fan as a college student in Springfield, Mo. I was much more of a fan of the Rams when they lost in the championship game in 2001, but still not to the extent that I am a fan today.None of the teams that I care about today have been far into the playoffs in recent history. 

That’s why I have a blasé attitude toward pro football.When it comes to the “big game” (I’m not sure if I am actually able to write Super Bowl, so I’m playing it safe) I pick a team. Sometimes it’s the team I hate the least.I feel the need to get overly excited and yell at the television. 

When the game ends it’s necessary to have a heightened feeling of disappointment or joy.How can I enjoy 300 Lil’ Smokies if I don’t dribble barbecue sauce on my shirt as I recklessly jump and scream?Some watch the Super Bowl for the snacks, the commercials, or for a legitimate reason to get hammered on a Sunday.

I watch so I can live vicariously through the fans of other football teams.In preparation for Feb. 2, I will think, “Go 49ers!” And, “Come on, Peyton!” I also might silently be ready to say, “Nice throw, Wilson!”

 But there is no chance that I’ll be rooting for the Patriots. I’m still holding a grudge from October because of the Boston area team and those ridiculous beards.