A city committee agreed to enter into a contract with public school officials for the use of a new sports field.

Last week the parks, building, development and public works committee agreed that the city would provide sewer and water to the concession stand of a baseball/softball field in exchange for use of the field for youth sports.

The cost of the materials is about $1,000. There will be a gravity feed, so no pump is required.

The field will be used in the summer months.

According to Union Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Arand, the field will probably not be used for regularly scheduled games.

He explained that the field might be used for tournaments or special events.

“That is unless the leagues say they are really short on fields,” Arand said.

The UHS baseball/softball field will not have lights, so use will be limited to daytime games or practices.

There are plans to build five baseball/softball fields at the city’s Veterans Memorial Park, but construction of the park has not yet been funded.

The east Union park was closed after grass was planted.

In October, the Union R-XI board of education agreed to spend up to $125,000 on a concession stand at the new baseball/softball field at the high school.

The 1,000-square-foot concession stand and restroom facility will be built by Union maintenance staff, which will cut the cost dramatically from a bid of about $250,000 ATG Sports had submitted a proposal in August.

The building will be a frame construction with a brick veneer that will match the rest of the campus buildings and athletic facilities.

ATG is constructing the field, bleachers, MLB netting, backstop, foul poles, bullpen, removable pitchers mound, dugouts and drainage system.

The ball field project is expected to cost around $422,000.

Funding for the entire facility, including the concession building, will come from the district’s capital improvement fund.

The facility is expected to be completed by the spring season.