Construction on the Rise

The number of residential construction permits has more than doubled from 2012 to 2013. Pictured is a home in a new subdivision located off North Church Street. Last year there were 26 single-family dwelling permits issued in Union, and 83 single-family attached dwelling permits. The previous year there were 22 single-family dwelling permits issued, and 30 single-family attached dwelling permits. 

The number of total permits issued by the city’s building department took a jump last year compared to the previous year.

There were 282 permits issued in 2013 for an estimated construction cost of $20,055,450. That is compared to 217 issued in 2012.

There has been growth in the number of permits issued since 2009, according to information issued by the building department.

In 2010 there were 186 permits issued, and 188 permits issued in 2011.

Of the permits issued in 2013, 26 of them were for single-family homes with an estimated construction cost of $3,703,220.

That is up slightly from 2012 when there were 22 of those permits issued.

There has been a major increase in the number of single-family attached home permits from 2012 to 2013. There were 83 permits issued last year, which is up 53 from the previous year.

Single-family attached permits include apartments and duplexes. The estimated construction value is $7,734,870.

Community Development Director Joseph Graves said more “rooftops” bodes well for attracting retail and industrial developments.

“The city of Union continues to be the fastest-growing community in Franklin County,” Graves said. “I believe that is due to the proximity to the interstate, low real estate costs and the superb quality of life.”

Graves noted that he uses permit information, as well as the number of existing residences, when meeting with prospective commercial businesses and industries.

He explained that once an “anchor” store realizes the growth potential in Union, and sets up show, then other businesses follow.

“Once we land one large store as an anchor, then we are able to land several other smaller retailers as well,” Graves added.

Commercial Permits

There were two permits issued last year for new commercial buildings for the new Frick’s Market and the clubhouse at Oak View Village. The total estimated construction cost for those permits is $4,098,393.

That is compared to the two new commercial permits issued the previous year. There was one new commercial building permit issued in 2011; no new commercial building permits issued in 2010; and two new commercial permits issued in 2009.

There were 21 commercial addition/alteration permits issued in 2013, compared to 25 in 2012. There were 15, 17 and 25 commercial addition/alteration permits issued in 2011, 2010 and 2009 respectively.

There were two new industrial construction permits issued last year for an estimated construction value of $181,000. There were three new construction permits issued for apartments with an estimated construction value of $1,800,000.

Following are other permits issued last year:

Residential additions and alterations, 65;

Commercial additions and alterations, 21;

Industrial additions and alterations, six;

Institutional additions and alteration, two;

Electric service, 35;

Water, sewer or sprinkler system, 10;

Solar panels, eight; and

Mobile homes, six.