I have always been slightly superstitious.

I am not excessively superstitious, but I try not to allow a black cat to cross my path. That isn’t to say I will turn around if a cat crosses in the direction I am trying to go, but I may consider taking a left turn and trying to outrun the cat.

There is a good chance that I could be quite wealthy if I weren’t as superstitious as I am. The phrase “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have good luck” just makes sense. Who wouldn’t pick up money?

Well, I don’t if it isn’t heads up. I have probably passed up hundreds of dollars in pennies because I don’t want to be cursed for picking up a tails-up penny.

I do make exceptions for dimes and quarters, but the verdict is still out on nickels. I guess it depends on the day. If I see a tails-up nickel on a day like Friday the 13th, then I will probably leave it where it lays. That’s a double whammy.

I don’t get into too much of a frenzy on Friday the 13th, but the thought of bad luck does cross my mind. I usually forget that is the date by the end of the day though.

Just to be on the safe side, I avoid walking under ladders. Not that doing so is a major inconvenience, I very rarely see ladders leaning up against something as I walk my normal route (trying to avoid black cats).

However, when I was in college, I was painting the top level of my parents’ home and the ladder I was using slid and I fell to the ground. I bounced three times and lived to tell the tale.

It’s possible that I walked under the ladder while refilling my paint bucket. I may have even picked up a few upside-down pennies that day. I know that I didn’t break any mirrors.

A broken mirror is the apex of all superstitions. That is seven years of hard times.

I often wonder if I am unfortunate enough to break a mirror, if my cosmic sentence could be lessened by good behavior. Could I get shock time and then serve a probationary period that I always have my fingers crossed (one set, not two), and carry a lucky neon pink rabbits foot?

I have always found it strange that rabbits feet are brightly colored, but the bunnies I see in my yard are grayish brown. Are the lucky rabbits from relatives of the Easter bunny? How lucky are those feet if a rabbit has four of them and at least one is lopped off?

A superstition I inherited from my father requires me to close all cabinet doors. Apparently, he felt it was bad luck to leave kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors open. I guess my other family didn’t subscribe to that superstition, because I would often see my dad close cabinet doors that had been left open.

Then again, that may not have been a superstition, but done out of safety. Maybe my father had left a cabinet door ajar, leaned down to pick something up and smacked his head.

Some people believe that if you step on a spider it will bring rain. I guess that could be either good or bad. Last summer I stepped on every spider I could in hopes to bring relief. I wonder if spiders thrive during threats of a flood?

While I don’t encourage the killing of innocent creatures, I do go out of my way to kill spiders and then make sure they are dead. That usually requires gasoline and a flame thrower.

One more common superstition that many people follow is not opening an umbrella inside. Even though it is much easier to open the umbrella indoors and then cover myself before going outside, I won’t have any of it.

It takes an acrobatic feat to time the umbrella opening with the first step out the door to avoid getting drenched during a downpour. But what about being in a vehicle? Is it cool if I close an umbrella once I am halfway into my car?

I’ll just knock on wood and hope that the car/umbrella combination doesn’t carry as harsh of a sentence as breaking a mirror.