Claire and Kim

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, left, is pictured with supporter Kim Schmitt, 10, of Union, who recently had a kidney removed after she had been diagnosed with cancer. The two met earlier in the year and reunited for a photo Saturday, Sept. 29, at the grand opening of the Franklin County Democratic headquarters in Union.

It was over the summer Kim Schmitt, a student at Immaculate Conception Grade School, first met Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Over the weekend, several months after their first meeting, the two were reunited.

Kim and McCaskill had first met in Washington at Joe’s Deli, but last Saturday, the meeting at the Franklin County Democrats headquarters was under much better circumstances for Kim.

Kim is the daughter of Lisa and Bill Schmitt, of Union.

Lisa said her daughter, who turns 11 this month, had been diagnosed in April with a Wilms tumor — a type of kidney cancer that affects children.

During the diagnosis, doctors also found one nodule on each of Kim’s lungs. At the time, doctors were unable to determine if the nodules were cancerous.

“It felt like a bomb had been dropped on us,” Lisa Schmitt said.

Kim’s kidney was removed but she also began chemotherapy to address the nodules.

By the second chemo treatment, Linda said, Kim was losing her hair in chunks.

However, Kim stayed strong during the treatments.

“It was just matter of fact — it didn’t phase her,” she said. “People would stare at her and she didn’t mind.”

It was after the chemo treatments began that Lisa Schmitt learned McCaskill would be at Joe’s Bakery in Washington.

Schmitt asked McCaskill for a photo with Kim, and the senator obliged. She also chatted with both Kim and her brother Andy, who is 14.

After meeting McCaskill, Kim, like her mother and some other family members, became fond of the senator.

“She just adores her,” Lisa said.

That is why Kim wanted to visit McCaskill a second time when the senator visited Union on a campaign stop.

McCaskill and supporters gathered Saturday for the grand opening of the Franklin County Democratic headquarters at Highway 50 and Jane Avenue, in Union.

During this meeting, McCaskill signed a copy of the original photo snapped of the two, and then posed for another shot.

This time there was much more positive news concerning Kim’s health.

The chemo treatments have ended and there was no effect on the nodules. Kim’s doctors believe that indicates they are not cancerous.

“We are praying by the grace of God that she is done,” said Lisa. “She is an incredible little girl.”