How well my fiancee knows me was judged by how many pieces of gum she had in her mouth Sunday, and apparently she doesn’t know me as well as she thought.

Some friends threw Jami a small surprise bridal shower Sunday. There was food, drinks and some games.

Jami isn’t really the type to be the center of attention, so I can only imagine how she felt with everyone in the room looking at her as she put piece after piece of gum in her mouth.

Jami was asked a series of questions about her future husband (me), and for each question that was wrong, she had to chew a piece of gum.

She didn’t get to take out the other pieces of gum, so by the time all 19 or 20 questions were answered, Jami was chomping on about seven pieces of Hubba Bubba.

Our friend used her iPad to record my answers to the questions the prior week and then showed them on a TV screen during the shower.

There were some pretty basic questions — like my favorite sports team — that Jami handled without any problems. I am a diehard Cardinals fan, and nearly everyone I know is aware of that.

But then there were a few trickier questions.

When asked what the one thing in my closet that she would love to get rid of is, Jami had to pop some bubble gum in her mouth. I am not certain what Jami answered, but we gave conflicting replies.

I have a pair of kelly green pants that are perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day parade or party. Jami has been after me for quite some time to get rid of those pants, and she thought the pants were gone.

Even I thought the pants were gone. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I came across them. So of course she wouldn’t have answered that question correctly.

Some of the questions that were easy for Jami:

What is my favorite food? Pizza. Obviously. Isn’t that everybody’s favorite food?

She knew that my first pet was named Crystal. I guess she does listen to me sometimes.

Jami also was spared from another piece of gum by answering correctly what my first car was. . . well, sort of.

She and I answered that question the same, which is good enough to move onto the next question, but we actually were both wrong.

Jami and I both said my first vehicle was a Ford Escort, but that actually was the third vehicle I owned. When I answered the question the 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis and the 1973 Chevy Impala both slipped my mind.

Good thing for Jami and her jaws that my memory is about as good as the brakes of the ’73 Impala that took out my friend’s father’s brick mailbox.