Prepping for a Fair

Franklin County Fair Chairman Eric Schmuke, left, and volunteer Evan Bevfoden drove in fence posts Monday night in preparation of next week’s event. Crews have been working weekly to get the grounds ready for the four-day event that runs July 10-13. 

The Franklin County Fair is more than a week away, but crews are out in full force preparing the grounds.

Chairman Eric Schmuke said there have been Fair Board members on site about twice a week for more than a month. For some it has been nearly two months.

The work for the days leading up to the Fair includes driving fence posts and installing the fence.

Volunteers also are ensuring that there is electricity in areas where it is needed.

The Fair begins Thursday, July 10, and will run through Sunday, July 13.

“We still have to make sure all electric is working, make sure places for tents are ready and that the food stands are ready to go,” Schmuke said.

There were older bleachers that have been dismantled because they were no longer safe, Schmuke said.

“We tore out all of the white bleachers because they were starting to get dilapidated,” he added.

However, there still will be plenty of seating because the hill on the west side of the fairgrounds will be made available.

“People can bring their lawn chairs or blankets for events like bull rides,” Schmuke said.

Next week Fair volunteers will make sure that everything is in place for the carnival rides that arrive Monday.

“We just need to make sure that they have electric where they need electric,” Schmuke explained.

Schmuke noted that Fair Board members have gotten a boost from Union FFA students who are volunteering their time with the Fair.

“They are doing so much work,” he said. “They are the ones keeping us on schedule.”


Work began Tuesday morning to resurface the driveway between the driveway in front of the Franklin County Fair and concession areas.

Schmuke requested that the city resurface the roadway because there are chunks of pavement loose, and the pavement is sinking in spots.

He added that there is concern of children picking up pieces of concrete and throwing them.

“This will be safer and make everything look better,” said Schmuke. “There are big chunks of asphalt that we want to make sure to get rid of them.”

Officials said the driveway was paved 20-25 years ago, and there was patchwork to the surface about 10 years ago.

The driveway is heavily used for deliveries to the Fair, loading and unloading of some equipment and by some smaller vehicles during the Fair.

It also is access to baseball fields used by youth sports leagues.

Schmuke noted that the parking lot adjacent to the driveway is not in need of repair.