Uprooted Tree

This tree on Indian Prairie Road southeast of Union was uprooted Friday during a storm that hit the area. The tree crushed a fence that it had been blown onto.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed what some residents believed, that a tornado was the cause of damage in the Union area.

The NWS released a report Thursday that stated an EF-1 tornado snapped trees and caused other minor damage Friday, May 31.

There were no reported injuries from the tornado. Most of the damage was snapped and broken tree limbs, the NWS reported.

The tornado struck in the Camp Mo-Val area to near the end of Oakshire Farm Road in the Moselle area.

The path was estimated at 9 1/2 miles long, with a maximum path width of 500 yards.

Within the path is Prairie Dell Estates subdivision where one resident claims to have seen the funnel and others said the damage was indicative of a tornado.

Prairie Dell Estates resident Jim Tayon contacted The Missourian stating that he was in a storm shelter Friday when the storm blew through the area after 6:30 p.m.

He said the tornado ripped off tree limbs, blew in garage doors and caused some structural damage to one home.

Tayon lives on Indian Prairie Lane south of College Road and east of Highway 47,

He explained that three garage doors were blown in from the force of the winds, and wind got into the trusses of one home and shifted the front wall.

Tayon added that his neighbor actually saw a funnel cloud.

The Missourian contacted Franklin County Emergency Management Director Abe Cook after hearing reports of the storm damage.

Cook photographed damage and sent his findings to the NWS. He said the NWS would review radar from Friday night’s storm to closer examine if there was rotation.

After an initial inspection, Cook said the damage could have been caused by a “weak tornado.”

He added that declaring that there was a tornado does mean there will be state or federal assistance.

Cook explained that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) base aid on the amount of damage, not what caused the damage.

More Damage

Joyce and Mark Rockhold, who live at 7506 Highway 47, are southwest of Prairie Dell Estates where a barn was destroyed during the storm.

The Rockholds, who contacted The Missourian, said the barn was possibly built in the late 1800s.

They said it could have been a small tornado or a microburst that took down the barn, and ripped off a section of roof. There was tin scattered over 5 acres and “many trees sheared off and some spruces taken out by the roots.”

Further east from the Prairie Dell Estates subdivision and Rockhold home, there was damage to an Indian Prairie Road home. Tree limbs and power lines were on the residence that is located near the North Outer Road of Interstate 44. Also on that road a tree was uprooted.

The Union Fire Protection District had been dispatched to a call of trees down in the Highway UU and Jeffriesburg Road area.