Union public school officials are calling Wednesday a “good day for our kids” after legislators failed to veto legislation intended to cut income taxes.

Superintendent Steve Bryant said the district could have lost as much as $1.5 million in state funding if Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of House Bill 253 had not been overridden.

“We are certainly pleased that we had some legislators across the state willing to step up for kids,” he said.

Educators were critical of the bill that they say was poorly worded and would negatively impact education funding.

“From my chair, I was elated that they were able to get the veto to stand,” Bryant said. “This would have stifled us in making forward movement.”

He added that he was drafting letters Thursday to send to Republican legislators who voted against the veto override.

“There was a total of 15 Republican legislators willing to go against party leadership,” he said. “They definitely received a lot of pressure from House leadership.”

However, there were no local legislators who sided with public schools, Bryant said.

He noted that he informed all of the district staff of who voted in favor of the veto override.