A Gray Summit woman has been charged with forgery for allegedly using a stolen check at Walmart.

Christina A. Nevills, 38, was recently charged in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with one count of felony forgery. The charges come from an incident in 2018.

A man filed a report with Union police after discovering his bank checks were missing, according to a probable cause statement filed with the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office by Union police.

The man said the checks were in his vehicle and he discovered they were apparently stolen when he saw his bank account had been depleted. 

Police said based on the bank statement, one check was used at the Union Walmart. Police checked surveillance footage and identified a customer writing a check for various goods as Nevills.

On the video, a woman was seen paying for various items with a check. The total spent was $315.94. Police said that total matched the amount shown on the man’s bank statement.

During an interview with police, Nevills reportedly said she knew the check was stolen before her boyfriend gave it to her. Police said she admitted to the forgery and said she “probably” didn’t have permission to use the check.