According to a report released last week by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, St. Clair police officers made 2,407 vehicle stops, which led to 191 searches and 161 arrests last year.


Out of the 161 arrests, there were 90 outstanding warrant related charges, 37 drug violations, six resisting arrests, 17 traffic violation charges, 31 DWI/BAC and one property offense among others, according to the report.


Of the total searches, 142 included a search of the driver and property. Only 11 stops were just of the driver and 38 were only of the car. The majority of the searches lasted 15 minutes or less.

A total of 28 of the searches were initiated during an arrest; 31 were from an odor of alcohol or drugs; in 108 cases the driver gave consent and in 17 instances there was visible contraband in the vehicle.


The report states that 1,085 of the traffic stops last year were due to moving violations, 443 were for equipment violations, 888 were due to expired license plates and 370 for investigations.

A total of 502 citations were given along with 1,890 warnings and eight stops with no action. St. Clair police stopped 1,790 vehicles on city streets, 142 on interstate highways, 31 on U.S. highways, 361 on state highways, 35 on county roads and 48 on other roads.


Overall, police stopped 1,356 male drivers, of those, 1,296 were white, 46 were black, 9 Hispanic, 2 were Asian, and three were of other nationalities.

Police stopped a total of 1,051 female drivers last year. Of those, 1,025 were white, 19 were black, two were Hispanic, three were Asian, one American Indian and one of another nationality.

The report does not separate males and females who were arrested, but shows 148 of those arrested were white and 13 were black. The traffic stop information in the report is based on a population of 3,588 drivers aged 16 and over.

Drivers age 17 and under made up the smallest portion of traffic stop demographics with 91 stops and those aged 18-29 made up the largest traffic stop demographics with 941 stops.