Sullivan Police are continuing to investigate a recent vandalism in the International Organization of Odd Fellows cemetery that resulted in 47 headstones being damaged.

Lt. Patrick Johnson said the incident probably occurred overnight on Sept. 12. The incident was reported on Sept. 13.

Johnson said the headstones were either pushed over or broken.

“We’re still looking into this,” Johnson told The Missourian. “We’ve had a couple of leads, but they did not pan out.”

The lieutenant said he suspects juveniles did the damage, but police are not ruling out anything at this point.

Johnson said the recent incident is similar to what occurred about four years ago in the cemetery, located at 485 N. Church St. in Sullivan. 

In November 2009, at least 18 headstones were damaged by being either pushed over or smashed.

Two teenage juveniles later confessed to that vandalism.