Several St. Clair streets will be getting a much-needed facelift after the board of aldermen approved a resurfacing contract for more than $197,000.

The decision came during the board’s second June meeting.

Funding became available when the Kitchell Avenue improvement project was placed on the back burner earlier this year. Some repair and patch work was done on that street last month, but 15 other streets throughout the city will be receiving more in-depth and much-needed work.

“There are a lot of streets in the city that need attention,” Public Works Director Jason Ivie told The Missourian. “This will give us a good start on those.”

Aldermen unanimously approved Ordinance 1768, which authorizes Mayor Ron Blum to enter into the agreement with Gershenson Construction Co. Gershenson was determined to be the lowest and best bidder for the project after an earlier bidding process produced no bids within budget.

City Administrator Rick Childers had told aldermen earlier this month that when he requested the original bids for the street overlay projects, only one was received, and “the bid amount was more than double the amount budgeted.”

So, a request for bids went out a second time.


Streets that will be receiving attention are Bolte Lane, North Lay Avenue, Missouri Avenue, North Street, Bader Lane, Murray Street, Berkel Street, Bever Street, Chouteau Street, Hedge Avenue, Hamilton Street, Cynthia Lane, Diana Street, Diana Court and Michelle Drive.

The last 11 streets on that list will have chip and seal work.  The other four will have overlay or surface level work.

Ivie said he is hopeful the street work will begin sometime early next month and be completed before the 2014-15 school year begins in the middle of August.

He said he does not know the order in which the streets will be repaired, but he hopes to inform residents of a schedule when it becomes available.

Part of Plan

The resurfacing projects are part of the city’s Comprehensive Plan that addresses city streets and a repair schedule. Money was set aside earlier this year after the East-West Gateway Council of Governments did not approve funding for the Kitchell Avenue improvement project.

So, the aldermen decided that money would be used to fix other streets in need of repair.

The aldermen officially rejected the one bid submitted, and Childers said the bid specs were adjusted and the project re-advertised.


The city had applied to East-West Gateway earlier this year to help supply money for the Kitchell project, which would have reworked and resurfaced that street from Commercial Avenue to Main Street, provided a new sidewalk along that road and added a center turning lane from southbound Commercial to Kitchell.

The project was brought to the forefront because of uncertainty regarding the availability of funding for an original two-phase Commercial Avenue project, which would widen that road to three lanes its entire length from North Main Street to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad overpass past Oak Street.

The financial uncertainty caused St. Clair’s administration to recommend a one-year delay on Phase I of the Commercial project, which would have focused on Commercial from North Main Street to Kitchell in 2017. In September 2012, the aldermen gave their blessing to that project.

Phase II runs from Kitchell to Oak Street.

Because of the delay, the focus turned to Kitchell Avenue and the intersection with Commercial Avenue.

If East-West Gateway would have funded the project, the city’s cost for it would have totaled about $200,000. The funding would have been an 80-20 split between the city and East-West Gateway.