Last year, the city launched a new website and it has been working “better than expected,” according to City Administrator Travis Dierker.

The new website,, gives city employees the chance to upload and update meeting agendas, newsletters, job applications and other information easier. Dierker said he and other employees are able to make instant updates, which keeps the community members more informed.

“We love it,” Dierker said. “It’s working even better than we expected.”

For community members, the new website features a menu bar with five categories including the home page, a Government tab, a Departments and Boards tab, a Resident Resources tab and a How Do I tab.

The home page includes a welcome letter from the mayor and a news center calendar. Under the Government tab, there are links to the city’s ordinances, ward and street maps, the city’s comprehensive plan, request for proposals/bids, an administrator’s message, and forms, permits and applications.

The Departments and Boards tab offers links to different city departments including administration, board of adjustment, the building and code enforcement department, elected officials, industrial development, municipal court, park board, planning and zoning, and public works.

Links provided under the Resident Resources tab include economic development, parks and recreation, community pride, newsletters, CodeRed Weather Warning, Water Quality Report, Complaints, registration for garage and yard sales, and right-of-way management.

Dierker said he has received positive feedback from residents saying that the new website is easy to maneuver, it is user-friendly and there is a lot of information on the website.

One goal Dierker said he has for the website is to implement an online utility bill pay sometime this year. He added city social media pages are additions he is looking to in the future.

Park Board President Dana Collins-Messex said she loves the new website.

“It’s able to provide more efficient information to the citizens and it makes it very easy to access the things that they need as far as reporting pot holes, street signs down and street lights out,” Collins-Messex said.

In addition, residents also can find park rental forms and street closure forms.

“It makes it really nice for the public to obtain them beforehand and have them filled out,” Collins-Messex said.

“The wealth of knowledge that is on there is amazing.”

She added that she is able to make instant updates to the website more easily than before whether updates are hourly or daily.

Accounts receivable clerk Courtney Johnson said the website is user-friendly, which makes uploading updates to the website convenient.

“After I login, I go the screen I’m wanting to update and it takes me a few steps to it changed. It changes within a minute or two,” Johnson said.

To redesign the website, Dierker worked with Revize, a design company that specializes in government websites.