Dalton Wilson

A St. Clair teen has been arrested and charged for allegedly making a terrorist threat to St. Clair High students.

On Oct. 29, St. Clair police received a report from a resident stating that Dalton Wilson, 17, had been making threats to shoot students at St. Clair High School, according to Police Chief Bill Hammack. During the investigation, students also told police Wilson had made threats to shoot students at school. On Nov. 2, an affidavit was signed by a police officer for a 72-hour psychological exam for Wilson. He was taken into custody and transported to the St. Anthony Hospital Psychological Unit for examination. Wilson was released from the hospital three hours later, according to Hammack.

On Nov. 3, St. Clair police executed a search warrant for the residence where Wilson resided off Ironwood Lane. Officers seized computers, a cell phone, a .38 caliber handgun, a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition. The family indicated that the firearms and ammunition belonged to a relative who resided with Wilson. A forensic exam is scheduled for the computers and phone.

His bond is set at $20,000.