St. Clair’s board of aldermen would like additional information regarding a proposal that could bring more and potentially better wireless Internet options to the area.

During the board’s most recent meeting, Thomas Tarabelli of Missouri One LLC gave a brief presentation that centered on placing antennae on the city’s “hot” and “cold” water towers that would amplify the availability of high-speed Internet service.

“If we can get access to the water towers ... we should be able to get pretty close to Union,” Tarabelli said of the improved Internet availability.

Currently, individuals living on the far north side of St. Clair can have difficulties with Internet service. People especially have said the worst area is north of Interstate 44.

Tarabelli also said that his company’s service provider, Bays-et out of Pacific, is installing a high-speed Internet access point in the Lake St. Clair area.

“This will allow us to offer high-speed Internet to southwest of the town,” Tarabelli said.

Tarabelli said the Internet signal would originate from Pacific and be relayed off of the water tower antennae.

“It has pretty good range,” he said of the service.

The aldermen instructed City Administrator Rick Childers to gather additional information, including pricing, and bring a proposal to a future board meeting.

“We will pursue this to see if we can get maximum coverage for our community,” Mayor Ron Blum said.

Other Decisions

Board members also approved a recommendation to hire a new police officer, a cleaning contract and spending money for a new mini excavator during their second November meeting.

Chief Bill Hammack recommended that he allowed to hire Rex Pingleton as a patrol officer. Pingleton is a seven-year veteran of the Franklin Couty Sheriff’s Office.

FKI Cleaning Services of St. Clair will provide janitorial services for the city, which includes city hall and the community center.

Childers told the aldermen that FKI was the only company that submitted a bid. It will be paid $1,400 to clean city properties twice each month.

In addition, it will get $100 each times employees clean the community center after a rental event and $40 per hour if emergency services are needed.

JCB of St. Louis will provide St. Clair with the mini excavator for $47,912.43. Funding for the equipment was included in the city’s 2014 budget, which is scheduled to be approved in December.

JCB stated it also will knock $4,000 off the purchase price because the city will rent the excavator both this month and in December.