All-Conference Band Members

Pictured in no particular order are Grace Kelley, flute, Cierra Michael, flute/piccolo, Brianna Sullivan, flute, Abby Hogan, flute, Marissa Frazier, flute, Tiffani Hedge, flute, Emily Griffith, clarinet, Morgan Puffer, clarinet, Hannah Barett, clarinet, Leila Hanley, clarinet, Chloe Sinklear, alto sax, Molly Kordonowy, alto sax, Carly Fenton, baritone sax, Marcus Hunt, trumpet, Jacob Jungbluth, trumpet, Oliver Williams, trombone, Zoe Dilks, trombone, Seth Turman, euphonium, Maggie Hopkins, euphonium, and Bella Lipschitze, percussion.

On Wednesday, Jan. 10, the best musicians from each of the Four Rivers Conference schools came to St. Clair High School to audition for the 2018 conference band.

Each student prepared a etude, or small musical composition, played five scales and performed sight-reading. More than 200 students were picked to perform and 88 were selected, regardless of age or school, to represent the best that the Four Rivers had to offer.

St. Clair was well represented, tying Union for the most students picked with 20 students.

“Our students worked very hard and we were incredibly proud of them and their accomplishments,” said Megan Orf, assistant band director for St. Clair School High School.

“We are also very happy that we tied Union. We have a very friendly band rivalry with them. We are also allowed to let five eighth-graders audition and I am very happy that three of ours were chosen.”

Head Band Director Tim Karth said “Being named a conference musician is a great honor. It is like being named an all-conference athlete, but instead of just being named, the musicians get to perform.”

“This year is especially exciting as it is the 50th anniversary of this band. Gene Hunt, retired band director at Washington High School, will be joining us to direct one of the tunes we are playing. Gene created this band 50 years ago while Washington was in our conference.”