A St. Clair High School student has been disciplined after district officials were notified of a “prank that went very badly,” according to Superintendent Kyle Kruse.

Kruse told The Missourian that a student posted a list of names with a November date on social media. There was speculation that it could have been a “hit list.”

He said the social media post “took on a life of its own,” and viewers speculated about the list.

Students brought the list to the attention of district officials Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 10.

“We investigated and interviewed the student who wrote the list, as well as students who might be involved, and determined quickly that there was no credible threat,” Kruse said.

He added that the social media post was reported “very quickly,” and that the student responsible for the list has been disciplined.

“You just can’t do that kind of thing nowadays,” Kruse said.

Kruse said the investigation lasted the rest of the day and into the evening.

“It was investigated and we got to the bottom of it very quickly,” he said.

“We appreciate our students for making sure we knew what was going on and our administrators devoted all of their time and energy to it.

“It was a quick and efficient process.”