St. Clair Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a special meeting Monday, March 25, at 7 p.m.

Last week’s meeting was canceled due to a lack of a quorum, however the public hearing regarding a rezoning request was still held.

Applicant Phillip Weller wants to rezone his property located at 884 High School Drive from R-1B single-family residential to C-2 general commercial. He is asking to create a small workshop in order to keep derelict vehicles on his property. He was not present during the public hearing.

In December, the board of aldermen granted Weller an extension until Jan. 30 to clean up debris and to remove the vehicles on his property. Weller’s next public hearing with the city is scheduled for Monday, April 1.

City Inspector Jeremy Crowe said if the commission does not approve or deny the rezoning request within 90 days of the application date, then it is automatically rezoned according to state statute. He added that it is important for the commission to give their recommendation to the board of aldermen before the April 1 hearing.


The vehicles are not licensed and Weller said he cannot get them licensed because he does not have a driver’s license. The vehicles have been sitting on the property since 2010 and have not been licensed since 2012. Other items found on Weller’s property were wood pallets, metal, bike parts and other materials.

During the Monday, March 11 public hearing Alderman Greg Talleur said he filed a complaint with a code enforcement officer last fall for the debris and specifically the three vehicles on the property. He spoke in opposition of the rezoning request.

Since the original citation, Talleur said the code enforcement officer has been lenient with Weller because every day past the abatement period of seven days, he could have been cited.

Chairman Darin Slater asked if Weller is operating an auto repair business out of his home now. Talleur replied no and read the requirements for having an auto repair shop out of a residence.

Weller’s property is located across from the junior high and high school. St. Clair School District Superintendent Kyle Kruse said Weller’s property alone does not represent the city or the school district as a whole, but it “does give a representation of the area to passersby and to those considering St. Clair as a home for them and their students.”

In regards to the rezoning request, Kruse said he has not seen evidence of a business being run out of Weller’s home, but if allowed, it would cause more traffic.