St. Clair R-XIII School District scored an 83.2 percent out of 100 on the Missouri School Improvement Program 5 annual performance report, which is lower than in previous years.

MSIP 5 measures students with five standards, including academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college/career readiness, attendance and graduation rates.

Each score contributes to a total, or a percentage, of points earned. Subgroups include students in the free and reduced lunch program and students with disabilities.

The district’s 2016 score was 88.2 percent. In 2014, the district earned a 92.5 percent in and an 89.3 percent in 2015.

For 2017, the district earned an 82.1 percent in academic achievement; 82.1 in subgroup achievement; 76.7 percent in college and career readiness; 75 percent in attendance; and 95 percent in graduation rates.

Junior High

Although the district’s overall score declined, the junior high’s individual score increased. The junior high received a 98.6 percent overall.

“I am very pleased with how well our students did. Hats off to them and the teachers that are on the ground that made it happen,” said Principal Eric Lause.

The junior high earned a 97.9 percent in academic achievement, a 100 percent in subgroup achievement and a 100 percent in attendance.

Lause noted that attendance and quality instruction from teachers are important basics.

Lause, along with Assistant Principal Shaun Fanger and school counselor Danielle Travis, recently met with students to discuss their academic goals for next year.

Keeping up with a student’s work ethic happens daily and not just during testing time, Lause said.

“This happens every day when you’re at school learning those skills,” he said.

St. Clair High

St. Clair High School’s overall score was not completed due to testing glitches by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

It was determined that the high school earned a 76.7 percent in college and career readiness, a 75 percent in attendance and a 95 percent in graduation rates.

St. Clair Elementary

St. Clair Elementary students are graded on attendance and as a whole, and earned a 75 percent.

“The elementary has remained fairly consistent with attendance percentages,” said St. Clair Elementary Principal Sande Racherbaumer.

School officials have rewarded students at the end of each quarter who have 90 percent or better attendance, Racherbaumer said.

“I think we are seeing a little bit of a bump this year, but we have had a lot of sickness lately,” she said. “The elementary level is a very hard level to achieve great attendance.”

Racherbaumer added that she has checked with elementary schools in other districts and they are experiencing the same problem in sickness and germ exposures.

“We have many students enter our building that have not been exposed to germs or sickness. They usually get hit fairly hard because of that,” she said. “We certainly will continue to improve in this area. Being at school is very important in order for students to be successful.”

Edgar Murray Elementary

Edgar Murray Elementary scored an 85.7 percent overall. The school earned an 83.3 percent in both academic achievement and subgroup achievement.

Teachers meet with students regularly regarding students’ “Wildly Important Goals” and how to reach their set goals, according to Edgar Murray Elementary Principal Beth Hill.

In addition, every month grade-level teachers receive training on balanced literacy for the Missouri Reading Initiative.

“Two instructional coaches assist teachers in the implementation of what was learned,” said Hill. “We have tweaked the (English Language Arts) curriculum and plan to have curriculum workshops this summer.”

She also noted the implementation of the new K-eighth math curriculum Go! Math this year has helped.

“Our math pacing and curriculum is aligned K-eighth,” she explained. “Throughout the year, we have been benchmark testing our students and using the data to determine weaknesses and strengths.”

Hill said third, fourth, fifth and special education teacher teams collaborate on a weekly basis to discuss data and instruction.

“Plans are made to address the weak areas,” she said. “Differentiated instruction occurs to address our students’ individual needs. Also, our elementary second- and third-grade teams are vertical teaming this year.”

Edgar Murray Elementary also earned a 100 percent in attendance. The school offers weekly, monthly, quarterly and semester attendance incentives, according to Hill.

The school counselor, Assistant Principal Jessica Tollison and Hill meet regularly with students regarding attendance goals.

DESE sets a minimum goal where 90 percent of students must attend school 90 percent of the time. Hill added that Edgar Murray is on track to meet that attendance goal again.

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